And Here’s March’s Games with Gold Lineup

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chris-littlechild - February 27, 2016

The bar has been raised, Microsoft. Over PlayStation way, March's free games crop features Broforce. That's more by luck than judgment, granted, as it won a PS Plus subscriber vote, but still. It's damn good stuff.

Both Games with Gold and PS Plus's monthly games have left something to be desired lately. Unheard of artsy indie games are nice and all, but for a lot of mainstream gamers, that kind of shit should be coerced onto a rocket and fired right up the Sun's ass. A lot of what we've been offered in recent months can be filed straight into the drawer marked ‘I guess I could give it a go, as it's free;' nothing more.

Spoiler: Xbox aren't about to buck that trend. Still, the lineup is worth a quick ogle. What else would you be doing on a Friday morning? Working? Nuts to that.

On Xbox One, you'll be able to download yourself Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments throughout March. From March 16 to April 15, action RPG Lords of the Fallen will also be available to grab, should you feel inclined.

Xbox 360, meanwhile, will play host to futuristic RTS Supreme Commander 2 from March 1 to 15. From the 16 until the end of the month, the original Borderlands is up for grabs too.

Via Major Nelson.

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