Heidi Montag Bikini Pictures Flash Her Big G’uns

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bill-swift - September 9, 2010

If you're like me, you woke up this morning fretting about the pending divorce of Heidi Montag and whatever that dude's name is. Is the divorce for real? Where will Heidi live? How will she provide for herself? Who will monitor the condition of her ginormous fun bags? You may recall that not only has Heidi Montag recently lost a husband, but, more importantly, she lost her plastic surgeon, and now she wanders the planet a lost soul, searching for the (saline) solution to her cosmic woes. Of course, at times, even the wandering soul has to strap on a tiny bikini, flash her G'uns, and sip champagne in a Costa Rican hot tub with her accessory dog. Shit happens, you've still got to chill. And show off your boobs. Heidi Montag, inspiring the world for almost a couple years now. Enjoy.

Photo credit: pacificcoastnewsonline.com


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