He Came, He Tattooed, He Conquered: Dude Gives Girlfriend of 24 Hours a Full Facial Tattoo

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bill-swift - February 6, 2013

People do crazy stuff, especially when they think they're doing it in the name of love. Spying on old flames, stalking people on FourSquare, throwing dog shit on ex's doors because they won't answer your call--yeah, I think people take a trip to Crazytown when they feel particularly jilted.

But what about the other end of the spectrum? What about the folks who are so head-over-heels crazy in love that they do something permanent over something that's most likely temporary? I think we can say that this is so for the case of 18-year-old Lesya, who shall now be henceforth known as the Girl With the Full Facial Tattoo.

Let's make that GWFFT for short. To sum it all up, GWFFT met tattooist Ruslan Toumaniantz online and they met up shortly to go on their first date afterward. After 24 hours of getting to know each other (and sucking face, I assume), GWFFT agreed to let Ruslan tattoo his name all over her face!

We're not talking some two-inch ink or something, but a full facial tattoo that covers three quarters of her freakin' face! It's a shame, since GWFFT actually looks sort-of pretty. I think it's safe to say that she just made the biggest mistake of her life right there--but of course, she doesn't seem to think so at the moment.

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