Hailey Baldwin Bieber Says She Was Never Famous!

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Echo Lawrence - August 3, 2020

Hailey Bieber has been on a cross country road trip with her husband Justin in a million dollar RV. They are living the white trash lifestyle to the fullest and I’m a big fan. Hailey also sat down with Vogue India to talk about life in the pandemic and how she’s changed as a woman now that she’s fully in the public eye. During the interview, Hailey announced that she never thought she was famous until linking up with Justin 3 years ago. The tea on that is that Justin actually took Hailey's V-Card when she was still 16 and clearly got her dickmatized ever since, at least he put a ring on it!

“To be honest, I don’t really think I was ever famous. Of course, I knew my father was an actor and he was famous to an extent, but if I was to compare how I grew up to how Justin did, he’s had a way crazier ‘famous’ experience really young. Whereas I got to grow up and get my driver’s licence and really be normal until the past three years of my life.”

See the whole interview over here!

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    Legit question *bieber is a boy 0o ??? *

    Not possible because he was the first lesbian relationship Selena had

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