Getting Drunk, Nintendo Style

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chris-littlechild - May 9, 2016

  Nintendo have long had a reputation as family friendly funsters. Down Nintendo way, cutesy-ass primary colors are everywhere, clouds and mountains have big ol’ smiley faces, and the sun shines out of everyone’s anuses. 

The House of Mario are hardly rock stars. You don’t hear about drug/sex scandals they’ve gotten themselves into. No sir. These are the innocent do-gooders of the gaming world, creating cute lil’ games starring Kirby to keep Little Jimmy happy.

Wait a minute. Hold the effing phone. What’s Mario doing in this Japanese drinkatorium?

In the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, you’ll find Star Club above a restaurant. It doesn’t look all that interesting from the outside; the kind of place you wouldn’t take a second glance at if it was floating a thousand feet in the air while on freaking fire. Mosey on in there, though, and Nintendo nerdvana awaits.     

It’s not the biggest of places, but it probably looks smaller because there’s Mario shit everywhere. I don’t know how much Mario shit is too much Mario shit, but we’re likely getting perilously close here. It’s the end of time, and Mario shit is all that has survived.

In short, I dig it. Check out a couple more shots, from the club’s official site.

Via IGN.

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