Get Ready For Motion Sickness, The Blair Witch Is Back (VIDEO)

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michael-garcia - August 26, 2016


In 1999 The Blair Witch Project came out to rave reviews and box office triumph. Even though the movie cost about $5 to make, it generated hundreds of millions. This was due in part to a brilliant marketing campaign where they made people believe that the three students that go missing in the movie actually went missing and that it was all true. It was one of the first "found footage" movies. Apart from the motion sickness you get from the shaky camerawork, it was a pretty entertaining and scary film. Then they came out with a slick sequel that was absolute garbage. With this new movie, The Blair Witch, they return to their found footage roots to give us all that realistic feeling thrill again.

Will it be as convincing as the original? Probably not. After all, we're all now familiar with the concept. But it still might be good to revisit the Maryland woods again and marvel at what idiots teens are. 

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