Geri Halliwell Drops Some Veteran Cleavetastic on the Gorbachev Ball

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bill-swift - September 24, 2011

Nobody parties like Mikhail Gorbachev's wife Raisa. Or, you know, she did back in her day, before the dying thing. So when the Gorbachev annual ball named after the former first lady of the Soviet Union launches each year in London town, the hottest hotties from East to West arrive on scene, a bevy of decked out beauties, all of whom had to play second Russian fiddle last night to Geri Halliwell, who absolutely stole the show last night at the posh (but Posh-less) event.

Wow, I don't usually go for the dressed up dames, but Ginger Spice has nearly perfected the art of the archetypal femme wardrobe these days, whether it be her bikini body slips, her recurring panties flashes, her schoolgirl looks by day, or this cleavetastic hot-blonde princess thang going down last night at Raisa's shindig, Geri Halliwell is a freshly single peach coming ripe on the tree of veteran hotness. Good on you, Geri. Enjoy.

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