Gaming’s Whacked-Out Week: Cleavage Out, Underwear In for Booth Babes (Inexplicably)

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chris-littlechild - August 4, 2012

Even by these lofty standards of oddity, the gaming week has taken a gleeful turn for the bizarre. (Giant gorilla balls to a mere turn, it's seemingly more of a melodramatic pirouette, performed with accompanying crotch-thrusts by a flamboyant ballet troupe; flowery campness abound. Essentially, what theactualshit is the sense we're striving to convey here.)

Since Monday, we have seen Chinese expo police act upon their chronic and inexplicable aversion to our beloved booth babes and their skimp-tacular apparel. The lady-flesh quota of those poor leering bastards is at stake! Hit the gallery for the disconcerting details, alongside bonus mockery of a remarkably-and-hilariously phallic Minecraft toy and some frozen fish to the eyeball fisticuffs from Sleeping Dogs. Take a guess at the average age of the U.S gamer too, and find the answer herein.

Hit Kotaku for more on the booth babe controversy, the genital-tastic Minecraft plush and the determination of the average gamer age.

Sleeping Dogs image provided by siliconera.