Gamer Girl Diaries, Halo 4 and The Last of Us in the Latest Edition of Egotastic! Hot Coffee (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - August 22, 2012

The day when your passion for video games is artfully mixed with your lust for hot women has arrived. Hot Coffee will keep you up to date showcasing the video games that matter and introduce you to the hottest gamers to ever pick up a controller. It's like nothing you've ever seen and exactly what you'd expect from Egotastic.

This week we clean up after gamescom by taking a look at Halo 4's new class-based multiplayer system, we get into the big reveal for the trailer for The Last of Us and we introduce Kyra Santoro in the latest edition of Gamer Girl Diaries. This one is our vision for what all those boss ladies are doing when they get home from work.

And be sure to check out Kyra Santoro in her Hottie of the Week gallery on Girls Gone Wild.

Be sure to get involved on social media following usbecause we're already talking about all of this stuff. We'll be giving away stuff every episode of Hot Coffee to new followers we pick up on Facebook and Twitter. This week you can win a copy of Sleeping Dogs that we stole out of Tamara Dhia's (your host) glove compartment. She thought we'd never look in there; but we always look in there.

Now, check out Hot Coffee.