Hold on to Your Machetes, That ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ Is Coming

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bill-swift - November 13, 2015

For any fan of the horrortastic, this one sounded like something to get on board with from the off. One of you plays as slasher icon Jason Vorhees, the others as camp counsellors. A Five Nights at Freddy's-esque just-survive-until-dawn scenario unfolds, and anyone who ends up with a machete in their scrote loses.

That's Friday the 13th: The Game in a nutshell. When this one hit Kickstarter, it was all kinds of a big deal. Sure, our ol' buddy Jason hit Mortal Kombat X recently, but there hasn't been a Friday game proper since 1989. And that was kind of ass.

So there's a lot riding on this. Which is probably a bad thing, what with the bad rap licensed games get. The bigger and badassier the name is, the more pressure there is on developers not to screw it up. How many times have our hopes been dashed by shitty-ass games of movies? Too many, that's how many. Just about every time, come to think of it.

So, anywho. The ball's in your court, Gun Media. We've backed your project now, exceeding your $700,000 goal by a good $36,000 at the time of writing. There's our part of the bargain. Now for yours: make this good. If you don't, I'll be hiding in your bedroom at 4am with my hockey mask and chainsaw. Like one of those BS Facebook chain letters, but actually true.

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