Fox Hunt: The Chest-tacular Cosplay of Mai Shiranui Starts Your Day With a Little Oriental Heat

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chris-littlechild - April 24, 2013

If fighting games and/or sleazy websites that demand our credit card information before allowing access to their pervtastic bounty have taught us anything (and let's be frank, the latter has taught us everything we goddamn know), it is the following: lady-ninjas have the kind of immense, magnificent beachball boobitude that really isn't conducive to their athletic abilities. It's just one of life's sweet, sweet confusing-yet-arousing paradoxes.

Mai Shiranui, star of the King of Fighters and Fatal Fury franchises, has been jiggling and skimpy-ing inside TV sets across the globe since the Nineties. Her illustrious career of kicking faces in the face while garbed only in a tiny scarf/loincloth/thing has been an inspiration to cosplayers; hers is one of the most popular get-ups of all. How good is this state of affairs, for the ogling gentlemen among us? On a scale of 1 to erection, we'd say very.

Lending her vast talents/'talents' to the above gallery is Thai model Yoyo.