Fox Hunt: Mrs. Claus Unwraps Her Own Boobtastic Gifts to Infuse Us With Some Raunchy Holiday Spirit

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chris-littlechild - December 5, 2012

This installment is replete with twin celebratory announcements. Today heralds the release of Egotastic! favorite Far Cry 3, the much-vaunted open world FPS. Its tropical island setting -akin to that of the upcoming Dead Island: Riptide- lends a wondrous dichotomy of idyllic vacation spot and blood-bleeding uber violence/excessive profanity to proceedings. We approve heartily, as should you. (For the uninitiated, we've previously fired a trailer into your facehere and here.)

Most pertinently, though, there are but three Tuesdays remaining before the annual choco-binge-athon encroaches on us all. We'll pass out in a turkey-addled stupor, awakening to discover that some cad shaved our bollocks as we slept. ATMs will proffer nothing but a crudely-fashioned middle finger graphic on the screen upon card insertion. It's a ludicrously expensive, magical time.

Still, a gallery of the marvelous, misery-mitigating Mrs. Claus(...es?) should help see us through. Flex your ogling muscles, gentlemen.