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FarCry 3 Gives You the Control in Multiplayer. This New Trailer Proves It (VIDEO)

You can build your own island with waterfalls, diners, crocodiles and anything else you can imagine in FarCry 3. The main thrust of the map editor function is the community component that will allow you to build and run through your multiplayer map and then put that sucker online for people to try and rate. The volume of stuff you'll be able to create should be impressive too as there are thousands of individual bits that can be arranged and configured for all kinds of effects. If you're the moody type you can even set the time of day. Early morning battles are a great way to shake off a hangover.

The option of adding artificial intelligence characters to your created map is a twist that I haven't noticed in a high profile shooter until now. This essentially means FarCry 3 is letting you build your own single player levels of shoot-em-up action with the crocs, campfires and crashed cargo planes just where you want them. In theory this means you'll never need Ubisoft's development team to make FarCry for you again. In reality, even the best and brightest among you won't have the talent, patience and proficiency to make enough single player maps to hold off another FarCry title. Ubisoft is still safe.

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