Firefly/Serenity Comic Book

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bill-swift - May 12, 2005

In anticipation of the new Serenity film being released later this year, Joss Whedon will be writing a new comic book series that will bridge the stories of the Firefly TV series, and the new spin-off film.

Comic Book Resource has the full press release from Dark Horse comics.

The plot of the comic book series centers on the crew members of the ship known as Serenity, who once again find themselves broke and on the wrong side of a number of very large firearms when a heist goes awry, and some old enemies catch their scent. After facing one failure after another, Malcolm Reynolds becomes the target of a conspiracy between government and mercenary forces, and a tense and divided crew must try to unite behind their compromised leader. Mixing intense Whedon-style dialogue with cinematic action and violence, artist Will Conrad and colorist Laura Martin paint a rough and wild world of adventure across a dangerous universe.

The comic book series will be only three issues, but shold prove popular among fans. Whedon is also currently writing for Marvel's Astonishing X-Men. (via DataWhat?)