February’s PS Plus Update Brings the Good, the Bad and the Freaking Weird

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bill-swift - January 29, 2016

You know rival games companies. Always snarking at each other, bitching and bickering and trying to stay one step ahead. How else would Street Fighter V has become ‘console exclusive' (as in, only on PS4 and PC, not Xbox)? Is that even a real thing, or did Sony invent the term just to give Xbox the middle finger?

I don't know. Probably. What I can confirm is that February's on the way, and that means the monthly who's-got-the-best-crop-of-free-games contest. We saw next month's Games with Gold just a lil' bit ago, now here comes the PS Plus collection.

PS4 players who haven't got their Helldivers on yet should definitely give it a go. This top-down arcade shooter has been charming players for some time, and the price of zero dollars is an offer you shouldn't refuse. On the more batshit side, there's also Nom Nom Galaxy. The way the PlayStation Blog tells it, ‘…you'll enjoy a variety of gameplay; platforming, mining, base construction, resource management, tower defense, and of course, making soup. As a new Astroworker for SoupCo, you'll be producing different soups to keep the aliens fulfilled and fighting greedy competitors. Protect your factory and become the most powerful soup company in the galaxy.'

On PS3, you can download Grid Autosport and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. PS Vita players (because there are some out there), meanwhile, get Nova-111 and Lemmings Touch. A mix bag as ever, really, but if anything takes your fancy you can grab it from February 2. 

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