Making Faces with Elle Fanning!

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Echo Lawrence - May 5, 2020

Speaking of THE MET, Elle Fanning also spent May 4th revisiting last year’s Gala with some throwback photos of her outfit. The theme last year was CAMP and I think Elle looked the best she’s ever looked all done up like some sort of 70’s Malibu Barbie. Actually, looking back on previous MET Gala photos of Elle I realize she looks good in every theme and I guess what I’m saying is Elle is gorgeous, even when she’s making these silly faces that look like some sort of face exercise, complete with bright red lipstick!

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  • jedijax says:

    I read that as “Making Feces With Elle Fanning”, and while I want to do many, many things with Elle Fanning, Feces was certainly not one of them. However, here I am, curiosity be damned, trying to find out how to Make Feces with Elle Fanning.

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