Fashion Icon Caroline Vreeland Swimsuit In Miami

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bill-swift - April 29, 2016

Caroline Vreeland comes from a long time celebrity fashion family. That puts a lot of pressure on your going into the family business. A healthy set of funbags looking divine behind a bit of Spandex swimsuit never hurt when you're making your way in the world of music and style and healthy bits of sextastic reveals.

Caroline was prancing along the Miami coast in a powdery blue swimsuit that left a whole lot of curves on display. More singer than fashion model body if I may comment. And I may. It's hard for me to hold my tongue at the sight of curvaceous entertainers exhibiting their wares along the South Florida shoreline. Caroline is not somebody we see very often in public displays of sextastic. But here's to hoping she comes around more often, wearing less. This is why I light candles in the evening. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/Splash