Farrah Abraham Rose Petal Bath Is Practically Heavenly

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aldo-vallon - January 15, 2019

I feel confident in saying, if I was in that room I would look exactly like the statue sitting next to the bathtub. That is to say, my face would look content as all hell, I’d be hard as a rock, and enough fluid would be pouring out of me to fill any receptacle.

I do think that it is self-defeating to take a bath with rose petals. When you get out aren’t they going to stick to your body? At least, that’s what always happens to my car when I park under a tree during a storm.

I’m not only against bathing with rose petals. I’m pretty much against bathing with any flower because I think they will all put you at risk of the dangers noted above. Roses do carry the extra risk of thorns getting mixed into the bath. Every now and then I get a bone my filet of fish and it scares the hell out of me when I bite down on it. I can only imagine the horror a person must experience when their b-hole sits down on a thorn.

Farrah Abraham is a professional, though, so I am sure she has enacted the proper precautions for an experience like that. Like making someone else get in first.



Photo Credit: Instagram / MEGA