Farrah Abraham Looking Luscious And Lusty Trying To Impress French Footballers

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aldo-vallon - August 1, 2018

I really cannot blame Farrah Abraham for going after those dudes. I don’t give a damn about their sport, or for men in general, but if I had a chance to put a ring on it then I would dive in faster than they do when an opponent is within ten feet. Not only do they make bank, but they tend to be rather handsome as well. So long as they are more handsome than me I feel like a gay marriage could still be considered an upgrade for myself.

I wonder if anyone has ever come up with a chart that plots out how hot a man needs to be in order to be considered hotter than a woman. I know it seems like a niche market, but that is the kind of knowledge I would need on hand before making such a decision like marriage. I’m sorry, but I cannot allow myself to marry a spouse that is uglier than my friends’ spouses, regardless of them being a man or woman. Love has got nothing to do with it, I am all about that pettiness.


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Photo Credit: Backgrid USA / Instagram