Erin Heatherton For Our Holy Hotness Hanukkah Best Wishes

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bill-swift - December 24, 2011

While we've been focused so heavily on the Yuletide hotness this Christmas season, we don't want to forget that this is also the season of candle lighting and dreidel spinning for our Judaic friends, where the scent of freshly fried potato latkes can only mean one thing -- time for some Erin Heatherton ogling. Forever one of our favorite Hebrew School Hotties,

Erin shows off her award-winning body this month for Victoria's Secret VSX workout line, where the lingerie brand sells tight gym gear to millions of ladies who dream of looking like Erin. Thankfully for us gentleman oglers, we can sit back, sip on our Pabst, and dream of looking at Erin Heatherton, so much less hard work involved, albeit the same amount of sweat.

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