Erika Christensen is Your Reason to Watch TV

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bill-swift - September 19, 2006

As the new TV season rolls out, the choices of new shows is often overwhelming. With new dramas, sitcoms, reality shows, game shows, celebrity singing shows, celebrity dancing shows, celebrity singing and dancing shows, it really isn't easy to figure out what's worth watching.

One sure way to grab the attention of your audience, though, is to get a pretty young girl, and put her in your show. Even if the show sucks, you'll probably get some people tuning in just because of the eye candy. That being said, Erika Christensen isn't just eye candy, and it looks like her show, Six Degrees, might actually be a winner.

The show is based on the notion that everyone in the world is connected to everyone else by no more than six degrees of separation, and explores how the lives of seemingly unconnected people can impact each other. It definitely sounds a lot more intriguing than Smith, starring Amy Smart.

Of course, the fact that Erika Christensen is quite the looker helps too. Lots more pictures of Erika and her fantastic cleavage after the jump.