Amy Smart is Your Reason to Watch TV

Every year, the big TV networks come out with a bunch of new shows that they hope you'll like enough to watch, so that they can sell ad space to advertisers for over-inflated prices.

There are usually a few good shows, but most of the time, they suck, and are just rip-offs of whatever happens to be the hot new show format. This year, the big trend is serial dramas. You know, those shows that tell one story over a full season, instead of a new story every week.

These shows are hard to pull off well, and are really just designed to hopefully hook you in, and get you to keep watching each week. One of those shows this year is called Smith. It's about a gang of thieves trying to pull off a heist. It's kind of like last year's Heist. Which sucked. But if this show is half as good as Amy Smart looks in these promo shots, well, I'll definitely be watching.

Man, that was a long build up for not much of a pay-off, and only two pictures. But what pictures they are.

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