Emmanuelle Chriqui Is the Total Sexy Package (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - August 24, 2010

Underrated hottie? No, not underrated any longer, not with all this Entourage fame, but make no mistake, Emmanuelle Chriqui is a major league hottie. I must admit, I didn't warm up to her instantly, her sexiness and that amazing body grew on me slowly, and by slowly, I mean it took like six minutes as opposed to the usual six seconds. But after an endless series of bikini and lingerie scenes from Entourage, Emmanuelle Chriqui has earned her way onto the list of super hard bodied celebrities. Seen here in her promo photoshoot for Season 7 of the TV series, and the related 'Total Package' video, which is a must for all 'Sloan' fans. Enjoy.