Emily Ratajkowski Lingerie Hot New York Loft Shoot for DKNY

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bill-swift - March 15, 2017

There's something especially perfect about finely faptastic female formed Emily Ratajkowski in her panties and bras in a well lit Manhattan loft. Perhaps because that's exactly how I imagine the setting to be for our short lived, but torrid relationship. She'll accuse me of only being in it for the naughty fun naked times and I'll be hard pressed to deny that. I'll miss her and the airy loft with the skyline views. Oh, boy, I'm ten steps ahead of myself.

DKNY isn't exactly selling the most lurid of underwear, but on Emily, everything looks amazing. Even more amazing off of Emily. Once again we break down the super complicated art of marketing women's clothes to be having one ridiculously hot bodied model showing them off mostly naked. It never fails to work. Pretend it's complicated if you must justify your job. Emily and I have only just begun. Enjoy.