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michael-garcia - October 20, 2016

Good 'ol Emily Ratajkowski knows that social media was designed to do one thing: show off busty pics. That's the wonderful thing about Emily, she's very giving of her chesticles. She knows they are amazing and they've made her a ton of money so she wants us all to appreciate them. And there is a lot to appreciate. Over the last two years or so we've seen Emily's funbags in various states of undress or not dressed at all as the case may be. Remember the redband Blurred Lines video? That was amazing. Emily au naturale. I like to watch that video sometimes with the volume off so I don't have to listen to Robin Thicke's stupid falsetto but can enjoy Emily's knockers just the same. Try it when you are done here.

I am in love with Emily and I want to have like 300 of her babies...wait...err...the other way around.  


Photo Credit: Snapchat/Instagram

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