Elyse Knowles And All The Sexiest Models Sharing The Runway In Perth

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elliot-wolf - September 4, 2018

I had no idea that there was another Knowles worthy of being noticed. Beyoncé can take a backseat for right now because Elyse is sure something to stare at. She even wears a toga like some kind of goddess. Where has this heavenly creature been all my life. This proves that I need to be more open-minded and attend fashion shows. I won’t ever need TV again if I’m allowed to watch women like this all of the time. Elyse has the potential to be my primary source of entertainment by just standing there and looking pretty. Seems to me she’s already a professional at that. And I would have no problem paying her my full salary for recreational glimpses at the greatest looking woman with two fine working legs that I’ve seen in a long time.

The most amazing part about Elyse is that she looks great in everything. Every outfit is her color. And every toga makes her look like a work of art. There’s no dress that she could ever throw on and have me second guess whether I should suggest that she change or not. I guess that’s the side effects of being perfect.


Photo Credit: MEGA / Backgrid USA