Elmo’s Sex Scandal Gets the Animated Treatment. Haven’t Young Children’s Entertainment Suffered Enough (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - November 28, 2012

There's more drama in the continuing saga of Kevin Clash aka Elmo and supposedly his penchant for putting his body parts not only up the backside of a puppet, but possibly also up underage boys.  First there was the allegation by a former lover that he'd been underage when Clash started a sexual relationship with him. Then the boy recanted his tale. Then there were more allegations of sexual turpitude by underage boys. Then the first boy recanted his recant. Then I think

Never one to let a good scandal go by, the folks over at the NMA World Edition has had their ace animators draw up a possible scenario of what really went down between Elmo and the Sesame Street altar boys he may or may not have been having tickle me in his 'nasty places.' And yet I always thought Oscar the Grouch was going to be the first one nabbed for sexual assault.

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