Ellie Goulding Bikinis in Red for Holiday Break in Miami

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bill-swift - January 6, 2015

Ellie Gouldingmay not be your classic beauty, but she's still a fair haired musical lass who captures my attention when she takes her naturally alluring self onto a boat in Miami for a little bikini vacation fun time. Not that you can't soak up some great rays back in Jolly Old England on the three days a year when the sun appears and everybody gets the strong desire to visit Stonehenge, but Miami seems like a safer bet for warm temperatures in early January, even if your pale skin can't handle much of it in its first visit in six months.

Ellie is quite the accomplished singer-songwriter and now she's accomplishing the feat of being ogled in a bikini, which is music to my ears, err, eyes, and something for which I respect her more than any of her ditties, as skilled as they may be. I honor her music, I desire her body. That's probably what I mean to say. I don't want to dismiss what's important to her, in fact, it's all I would talk about as I courted her for a round of naked Twister below deck after a few cocktails. Everybody loves a good big mistake shtup when on vacation. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash