Elizabeth Hurley Hates Sienna Miller

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bill-swift - November 1, 2005

Elizabeth Hurley has come out of her career obscurity to harp on current It Girl Sienna Miller. It seems the once popular british actress is taking out her frustration on the now popular british actress by saying her new short haircut exposes her flaws. Besides calling Miller "a bit pedestrian", Hurley is also reported as saying:

"That's the thing about valuing trends above sexiness," she told reporters, "It exposes your flaws. That cut exposes the poor girl."

Now, putting aside the whole celebrity jealousy thing, one might be inclined to hear what Hurley is saying. The problem is, as far as I can tell, Sienna Miller has no flaws. Anyway, you can judge for yourself in these pictures of Sienna Miller with her new short hair. I think she's stealing someone's taxi in these pictures too...