Elisabetta Gregoraci Swimsuit Pictures for the Dripping Wet Hot Trophy Wife Win

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bill-swift - April 11, 2012

Here's a basic rule of life: if you're partying in Kenya with a super hot much younger woman who also happens to be your wife and latest baby mama, there's a good chance you're a rich fat bastard (and no offense to rich fat bastards, as that is sort of my own career dream).

Formula One manager Flavio Briatore at one time knocked up the Heidi Klum, producing a daughter with the German supermodel, and now he's back with Italiani supermodel, Elisabetta Gregoraci, and another kid, but let's focus on Elisabetta for a moment, because she's one wicked hot next wife for the 62-year old Briatore, a former convict on fraud charges, not running quite a different racket. 

Jealous much? Yes, yes, I am. But I shall quell the green-eyed monster if but for a few minutes for ogle Elisabetta up and down, back and side, and soak up the goodness. Enjoy.