Elisabetta Gregoraci

Elisabetta Gregoraci Bikini Hot Body Vacation Time in Sardinia

I’m basically learning my European geography this summer by tracking all the hot actresses and models bikini vacationing this summer across the southern half of the continent. I can pretty much draw you a coastal map of Italy just from seeing the sand and rocks and water beneath some of the world’s most alluring bodies this season. Add to that list the ever delicious Elisabetta Gregoraci, the Italian model who married a wealthy much older man for love, which has allowed us to love her MILFtastic two piece female form all over vacation destinations around the world.

Elisabetta was frolicking in sand and surf in Sardinia in one of her many perfectly fitting bikinis, looking like one of the ancient Roman nymphs arising out of the sea to basically give men boners then torture then and then steal their souls. Something that sounds totally worthwhile if you get to think you’re about be getting lucky with Elisabetta. Just the fact that two tugs or material leads you to a nekkid Gregoraci ought to be enough to get you to stop thinking with your upper brain. Enjoy.

Elisabetta Gregoraci Splish Splash Bikini Hotness in the Kenyan Waters

Elisabetta Gregoraci and her multi-bikini vacation continue in Kenya where the Italian model chose yet another colorful two-piece to splash around in the waters and show off her amazingly hot body. Many people question the notion of a vacation in Kenya, but that’s only because they’ve never thought how anywhere in the world would be rest, relaxing, and inspiring if Elisabetta was dropping her bikini in your hotel room.

We could do sunbathing in tribal warring Sudan for all I care so long as I get to rub lotion on Elisabetta’s tanned shoulders and other variously warm body parts as the evening approaches. So, we only live for one night. What a night it would be. Enjoy.

Elisabetta Gregoraci Bikini Pictures for White Hot Kenyan Sandy Goodness

I’m told the beaches in Kenya are magnificent. Everybody says that about beaches you could never possibly visit. I had to cheat on a bus fare just to get to the L.A. beach. I don’t see Kenya in my future. Now, if Elisabetta Gregoraci were my date to said destination, I might be willing to steal the fillings out of old Aunt Mae’s mouth while she’s sleeping off her rum in order to provide for such a trip.

The Italian MILF model definitely seems to enjoy the African coastline for her holidays, and I surely would like to take her there. Perhaps not in the exact same style as her wealthy older husband, but so long as they’ve got a Red Roof in somewhere in the Nairobi area that accepts points, we should be good. Elisabetta, I’m sending you an Outlook calendar invite. Check your inbox. Pack a tiny bikini. Enjoy.

Elisabetta Gregoraci Bikini Pictures for Your Hot Italian MILF in Kenya Quota

Elisabetta Gregoraci is back at the resort in Kenya where we first met her. You don’t often think of Kenya as a luxury resort destination, but I suppose the mere fact that Elisabetta is there in her thong makes it pretty damn luxurious.

Elisabetta is the dual threat of a sextastic fashion model and a MILFy lady married to a wealthy older gentleman, which means she can do exactly as she pleases, thankfully, one of those things is pleasing all of us with nice views of her tight bottom and working-hard bikini body. I’m glad that just because my dream is to somebody be fat and rich in the manner of Jabba, most supermodels don’t feel the same way. Enjoy.

Elisabetta Gregoraci Bikini Pictures From Her Latest Port of Endless Vacation Call

Porto Cervo is the latest bikini tanning stop in the trophy wife life of Italian model Elisabetta Gregoraci who we love to follow about the hot spots of the world, tracking her various hot bikini body vacations, and cutting her chunky wealthy older sugar daddy out of the photos. It’s a sport, not a game.

Elisabetta deserves whatever it is she’s getting, as all sextastic women do deserve special consideration and treatment. And, hey, being a kept woman is by no means a simple job. It’s not all candy canes and gum drops. There is the piper to be paid at the end of the day. But, while the sun is out and your body is still hot, it’s exhibition time that even us modest income folks who can’t afford to maintain a European model in a comfortable lifestyle can still take comfort in. Enjoy.

Elisabetta Gregoraci Bikini Hotness Continues To Light Up Various Upscale Resorts

If you recall, Elisbetta Gregoraci is the hot young Italian model or married the old chunky rich Italian and now spends much of her time on the fine beaches of the world looking, well, mighty fine. Hey, it’s a job and somebody’s got to do it.

We’ve seen Elisabetta flashing her hot bikini body in Africa and European swanky beach destinations. Today, Porto Cervo in her home country and a pretty nice place to hang out. Especially when you’ve got it going on and on like Elisabetta. I’m kind of sad to see the Panama hat thing has swept the entire world for celebrity women on the beach, but there’s really no hiding that sweet sextastic body. Not in July on the beach. Enjoy.

Elisabetta Gregoraci Bikini Pictures Back in All Their Kenyan Glory

Another year and another hot visual bikini trip for Elisabetta Gregoraci back to Kenya for a sweet mommy body exhibition for her wealthy older husband (and we get to peek to). Now, I’m not exactly sure who gets to vacation at resorts in Kenya, but I’m guessing it’s people who can afford more than my holiday retreats to Laughlin sharing a room with three buddies.

And, heck, when you’ve got a smoking sextastic body like Elisabetta, well, you’re going to be supplied the means to travel to exotic locales. It’s where I’d take her if I had the dough, on my private jet, far away, where only the Colobus monkeys could hear our cries of primal delight. But, now I’m dreaming again. Enjoy.