Dumbass Teen Gets Duped, Pays $735 For a Picture of An Xbox One

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bill-swift - December 10, 2013

This just goes to show how people can get duped so easily. If you've ever been on eBay before, then you know that there's a bit of a risk involved because some sellers can turn out to be scammers. That's the kind of seller that 19-year-old Peter Clatworthy encountered when he bought a Day One edition of the Xbox One.

It's an awesome machine and it provides hours upon hours of gaming pleasure. The listing, which was apparently posted by a seller with good feedback, mentioned that it was a photo (hello, major red flag here!) but he went ahead and bought it for $735 anyway because it was listing under 'consoles.'$735 for the rare and hard-to-find machine is a price that's too good to be true. Don't follow in Peter's footsteps because all you'll get in the post is a picture of a not-so-high-quality image of the Xbox One.

Peter's story doesn't have a bad ending--yet. eBay is working with him so he can get his money back.

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