Does Your Baby Even Lift, Bro?

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michael-garcia - March 23, 2016

I don't have kids myself but I feel like I'd be a good dad. I am a caring nurturer and all that crap. One thing I wouldn't want my kid to deal with is the weight issues I've had my whole life. Maybe if my mom had loved me and gotten me into a baby weight training program when I was an infant I'd be healthier. That's where the Baby Abs system comes in handy. You can turn your flabby baby with its copious "baby fat" into a shredded bohunk. Don't you want you kid to be the hit of Mommy and Me classes? Of course you do! You would be a crappy parent if you didn't. This simple weight training system will get your baby some killer abs in just a few weeks. The tattoos and the facial hair has to be done separately. And the tanning. GTL, baby.

This is a joke so don't write us angry emails about baby abuse. This is baby abuse for comedy's sake. The video was created by Dan Goodman, Adam Nover and Jason Messina.

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