DJ Melanie Ribbe Perfectly Tan In A Bikini For Galore Magazine

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bill-swift - January 14, 2015

I still don't know precisely what a DJ does, or why it's now used like the Doctor title before a name, but it surely seems official and important, but I do know that if I was hiring for a kid's bar mitzvah I'd hire DJ Melanie Ribbe.

The Jamaican German part time model and full time DJ (that seems like it should be reversed) showed off her ridiculously hot bikini body in Galore magazine, I assume ensuring her party bookings through 2029. Anybody can press a button and fist pump and encourage the chubby kids to dance. But how many can do it while looking like Melanie? Precisely. Now shell out those clams so she can spin some dance music. And wave them like you just don't care. You hands I mean, you perv. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Justin Macala for Galore Magazine