Dinosaur Prank Part 2: The Raptor’s Back and It Loves Chasing She-Man Asians (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - September 7, 2013

The raptor's back.

Last week, a Japanese dude was scared sh'tless when a raptor began chasing him through the halls of his office. This time around, the raptor's still chasing a dude--only this time, that dude is dressed like a woman. A similar reaction ensues and it's as hilarious as ever.  All I can say is, the raptor really knows how to pick its victims, doesn't it?

There's a lot of running, screaming, and falling over as the raptor with four legs gives chase. The dude-slash-woman loses his hair then his dignity as the raptor chases him into a bathroom, with the wig in its mouth.

But seriously, why don't these people ever look down?

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