'Oh, Holy Hell, I'm Being Chased By a Raptor' Prank (VIDEO)

Getting chased by a raptor is probably something you dreamed about--either figuratively or literally--when you were still a kid. So having it happen to you as an adult is like being in a living nightmare where you're not sure where reality begins or where the fantasy ends.

Not every one of us will get to experience being chased by a real, life-sized raptor, but we can all put ourselves in the shoes of this Japanese dude who is scared sh'tless as he's chased through the halls of his office by a raptor. It's crazy what fear does to people, because if he only paused for a second to look down, he'd see that the raptor had four pairs of legs: two raptor legs and two human legs that happen to be wearing jeans.

Leave it to Japan to come up with one of the awesomest pranks ever. Enjoy!

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