‘Devil Daggers’ Will Freak You Out in All the Wrong Ways

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chris-littlechild - February 18, 2016

Well, holy balls.

Now, I've always been a fan of a lil' macabre creeptastic. Give me the gory goodtimes of a horror movie, the gothic atmosphere of a Castlevania game/Tim Burton film or the dismembered-old-dude-buried-under-the-floorboards fun of an Edgar Allan Poe story and I'm happy.

I've become fairly desensitised to that kind of stuff, as most of us have these days. This isn't the thirties, when people would faint in the theater aisles at the half-assed terrors of Dracula or something. It takes something pretty damn special to shock me. And you know what did it? Devil Daggers, that's what.

This one hits PC tomorrow, a weirdly slice of weird that GameSpot describes as a ‘horrific shooter where you use your fingers to shoot out daggers at skulls, spiders and demonic goat-horned things from hell. Yikes.'

The concept itself isn't all that bad. Demonic goat-horned things from hell? So far, so Doom. It's the presentation that makes this one so damn creepy. Give this five-minute gameplay trailer a watch and you'll understand:

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