Demi Lovato Oiled Up And Chesty

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bill-swift - May 20, 2016

Demi Lovato is one of those kid stars turned 20-something hotties who has taken her sweet time getting all grow'd up. She's still not quite there yet, but edging ever so close to understanding how her body coated in oil and shiny and revealing her top for fashion spreads might actually give a few million guys the goose bumps on their nether regions. I do think she is remarkably close. That's the sweet spot. When you've got the tools and you know how to use them.

Featured in this fashion spread for Refinery 29 and clearly for the ladies to make some amazing purchases of things they don't really need, but want really badly, Demi shows why she might just be getting more and more paid pimping and promoting of clothing gigs. Your own results may vary, lady shoppers. Please consider than when maxing out the credit card number you've memorized from so many purchases. "How much for the girl?" is the expression running through my mind. I mean, it's not like my Diner's Club card can't get me a few of the nicer things in life. Two-digit purchases max, obviously. My credit score still hovers around my SAT scores. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Refinery 29