Demi Lovato Rhymes with Time in a Bottle

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brian-mcgee - August 30, 2017

The immortal Jim Croce classic "Time in a Bottle" is one of my favorite songs, and every time I see the name Demi Lovato, I can't help but start singing, "If I could save Demi Lovato, the first thing that I'd like to do..." Then I just kind of peter out because I haven't written any further, Weird Al style lyrics to my absurdly obscure song parody. 

Demi looks simply stunning in this blue number with the peekaboo boob section, almost as stunning as my plan to write more songs and tour as a Jim Croce cover artist named Jim Crochet, where I mix equal parts Jim Croce song parodies with long stretches where I just sit and crochet and talk about Demi Lovato. I'm still workshopping it, okay. It's not ready for public consumption just yet.

If and when I get around to putting together a slide show for this performance art piece, I'm gonna be sure to include these cleavage-tastic pics of Demi. These are exactly the kind of pics that will help sell the whole thing, because lord knows my weak song parodies are not going to win the day. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Angelo Kritikos