Deadpool Meets Cable in Mostly Full Length Trailer for ‘Deadpool 2’ (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - February 9, 2018

You've got to hand it to the marketing team at Fox for their Deadpool campaigns. The first film's cheeky tone was all over those trailers, and now the theme of Deadpool 2's advertising campaign is the deconstruction of the comic book movie narrative. Neither of the teasers released to date has had anything resembling a typical trailer structure. The first teaser was mostly Ryan Reynolds parodying Bob Ross with a few explosions thrown in at the end.

In this brand new trailer, Reynolds' Deadpool stops things cold a few seconds in to bemoan terrible cgi in massive budget movies and play with dolls. Then it gets back to the grimdark tone Josh Brolin's Cable set in the beginning. Don't be surprised if Deadpool 2—or Untitled Deadpool Sequel, or whatever they decide to actually title this thing—is a flat-out deconstruction of Marvel's MCU formula, complete with Family Guy-esque non-sequiturs. It might actually be why they moved it up two weeks, to debut while Infinity War is still fresh in everyone's minds and therefore make Deadpool 2 the ultimate parody film.

For my money, it's gonna be hard for them to top Gremlins 2's Hulk Hogan/Paul Bartel tag-team cameo for sheer meta-genius. Sadly, Bartel has left us, but I defy them to actually get the Hulkster and redo this scene. The sequel to Deadpool opens in North America on May 18.