David Akers and the Eight Other Kickers You Need in Fantasy Football

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michael-garcia - August 9, 2012

Life as an NFL kicker is filled with extreme highs and lows. You make a game winner, you're the man. You miss a kick? Fans say you're not a football player and you suck. You also have 50 or so very large men very angry with you.

In fantasy football, kickers are both over and undervalued, if that makes any sense. Get the right one, and he can be the difference in your season. But at the same time, you shouldn't waste a draft pick on them until the very late rounds.

There are some that you will want to have, and should get if you're savvy in your draft. David Akers was number one last year because Alex Smith and 49ers offense could barely get in the endzone. Guys like the Packers' Mason Crosby rack up the extra points because Aaron Rodgers seems to get touchdowns at will. So here to help you out are the nine most likely kickers to score a ton of fantasy points this season.

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