Daniela Freitas vs. Erin Heatherton, Friday Super Model Lingerie Battle

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bill-swift - December 18, 2010

Well, it's Friday, and we've worked hard this week, well, you have, while I sort of stood by drinking a beer on the couch, still, we're all deserving of a little super hot models in lingerie time. And, even if we're not deserving of it, we're still having it, and why not go with two of the best? The ridiculously sexy Brazilian bombshell model, Daniela Freitas, pimping the crazy awesome out of Joge lingerie, going head to head (or boobs and butt and body) against one of our up-and-coming objects d' super lust, Erin Heatherton, blone hottie of Victoria's Secret Angels fame. Quite the epic battle; no winners, no losers, just lots and lots of awesome. Enjoy.

First in the ring, the sextastic Daniela Freitas:

And, right on the heels of her bra straps, the amazing Erin Heatherton.