Erin Heatherton

Erin Heatherton Cleavetastic Braless and Simply Superfine

We haven’t seen nearly enough of Erin Heatherton lately. The blonde V.S. model has been on some kind of part to full time hiatus away from the limelight that has left me missing my freckled beauty. Slowly but surely Erin seems to be coming back to full-time exhibitionism gigs, modeling in this splendid cleavetastic braless shoot for The Coveteur magazine, highlighting her girl next door blonde babe qualifications.

Erin is perhaps a bit more grown up than the last time we saw so much of her, pre-DiCaprio girlfriend status. That could change a woman. Certainly not a girl any longer. She does seem to be exuding a bit of the mature hotness we perhaps didn’t see in her shoots just a couple or three years ago. Still the young girl from Skokie we first fell in lust with, but wise, and more racktastically alluring than before. I like where this is headed. I like it very much. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Jake Rosenberg For The Coveteur Magazine

Erin Heatherton Candid Bikini Beach Time Down Under, Way Down Under

Where does a Victoria’s Secret model go when she wants to get away from it all and just soak up some sun completely unprepped and un-madeup? Australia seems like a popular spot. That’s where Windy City borne Erin Heatherton sought a little beach time with just her bikini body and mother sun. Okay, also, our telescopic lenses. We can’t sleep just knowing hot blonde models are out there on the beach potentially being not photographed. If a hottie shows off her body on the beach and nobody sees it, did it really even happen? A question for the ages.

Erin went through that whirlwind press cycle when she was dating Leonardo DiCaprio, whatever that may mean. Then things kind of died down and she’s back to being an occasionally working sextastic blonde. That must be relaxing. I know I feel my tension slipping away just leering at her. This symbiosis only works if we all tango together. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Britney Mason, Erin Heatherton, Adriana Lima, AnnaLynne McCord Hotties at Leather and Laces Super Bowl Party

I think this Leather and Laces pre-Super Bowl party is some kind of tradition now. Not a bad one as far as big hype weekend parties go. Especially when you get the likes of V.S. models Erin Heatherton and Adriana Lima to show up to your gig. Thrown in Britney Mason and my slender sweetheart AnnaLynne McCord and you have a party in leather. Forget the laces. Football is overrated compares to sextastic women in themed exhibitionist outfits.

The Super Bowl itself is not really about football. It’s about catering to the dreams and aspirations of the viewers. I couldn’t aspire any higher than to visualize these dark and blonde lovelies arriving at my abode for a little pre-game festivities. We could toss around the ball or just go straight into epic group making of the sexy. I’m flexible and I make a killer artichoke dip. Somebody blow the whistle. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Erin Heatherton Wears A Busty Leather Top While Posing At The Curve Sport Launch

Professional hot person Erin Heatherton was looking particularly sexy in a boobtacular leather top at the Curve Sport perfume launch. The bustier-type top pushed her ladies up for presentation creating some fairly spectacular cleav. Erin has got a righteous pair of ta-tas and they look particularly amazing here. The top also showed off her bare mid-riff. Erin has a nice flat stomach with some nice tone to it. If my stomach looked like that I would show it off too. There is something about a woman wearing black leather that gets my pressure up. Not that I’m one of those leather fetishists or anything. There is something  primeval about it. It’s like the stuff our cavewoman ancestors used to get our caveman forefather’s stone age motors going. Some stuff is just classic.

But our cavewoman ancestors probably didn’t look like Erin. I’ve seen what they looked like in those museum dioramas. I would have probably gone extinct rather than tap that.

Photo Credit: INF

Erin Heatherton Sexy Photoshoot For Ocean Drive Magazine

Sexy lady Erin Heatherton posed in a series of provocative bikinis for the August 2014 issue of Ocean Drive magazine. There are people that look good in anything and Erin is apparently one of those folks. Each swimsuit is hotter than the last one. How is that possible? Because when you are as hot as Erin you can do that through sexy magic. My personal favorite it the red bathing suit that’s got a mesh over the boobtacular region. You can see some pretty amazing cleav in a lot of these pics. She’s got a fairly amazing set of ta-tas. The bikinis also show off the rest of her redonkulous body. She’s got a stomach that most women can only dream of. That’s because women like Erin aren’t born.

They are created in a lab somewhere by a sexy mad scientist. I refuse to believe that Erin was made just by two normal people doing it. It’s mathematically impossible.

Erin Heatherton Upskirt Butt Cheek Flash in NYC

Erin Heatherton, Karlie Kloss and Behati Prinsloo Hot at Victoria’s Secret Angels Event

There’s a reason we call them the angels, a little gift from heaven in the form of some of the shapeliest lean ladies around, blessed with different looks, but all of them chosen for their special qualities of lust-inducement.

Erin Heatherton, Karlie Kloss, and Behati Prinsloo are three ladies I would not kick out of bed for eating, well, me. The sextastic trio showed up in force at a Victoria’s Secret promotional event, wearing far too many clothes, but still casting a longingly long shadow of hotness that I can feel right through my screen. Oh, to be the boyfriend of one of these merchandising beauties. To have all three? Don’t fly to close to the sun, my friends. Enjoy.