Courtney Stodden Spontaneously Combusts (VIDEO)

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josh-j - April 5, 2016

There's various levels of fucked up. Lighting your hair on fire and laughing about it is right up there with waking up married to a Mexican stripper. Former child bride Courtney Stodden held a seance facilitated by her psychic, Sham Ibrahim. Sham applied for the position of gay bestie but when he saw Stodden's BofA statement he decided just to bilk her for her final fifty bucks and move on. Ibrahim instructs Stodden to act like a cat mostly because it amused him in the moment. Also, he's not really talking to dead people. Stodden leaned toward the light and her hair ignited on fire.

Five years trying to make people laugh and the secret was sitting in her knickknack drawer this whole time. Self-immolations is a genius next step in attention seeking. Even the Kardashians wouldn't torch themselves for views. It's their white penis. Sadly, no one appears to be mortally wounded. How are there ghosts if there is no God?

Photo credit: Courtney Stodden / Periscope

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