Coco Bikini Pictures Milkshake All Over Miami

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bill-swift - November 7, 2011

Leave it to our good friend Coco to bring muchos boobtasticos heat to the beginning of our wintry chill down season, courtesy of some fresh and splashy and all-around hooter-tastic bikini pictures of this reality star and model who has not a single straight line anywhere to be found on her curvaceous body. We can only imagine what the other sun-going suntanners this weekend on Miami Beach were thinking when Coco let the waves of the ocean blue slap up upon her mighty fanny and recede in defeat, like King Neptune backing down from a mighty fleshy foe he could never immerse in his wet wave of attacks.

Coco has something going on, a whole lot of something. And if you find body parts here and there bared within these photos, well, we'd not be the least bit shocked. She is like the human treasure hunt for the visual gentleman. Enjoy.