Claudia Romani Lingerie Dart Throwing Is What Sports Bars Ought to Look Like

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bill-swift - May 30, 2013

Granted, this is a promotional photoshoot. I don't think our highly belusted original Latin model Claudia Romani hits the Miami area bars in her lingerie any more than I believe that once she gets there, she eats a lot of ketchup and fries and washes it all down with a big beer. That's my diet and I know it doesn't produce the bodily results seen clearly on the impeccably fine form of Claudia Romani. Still, with Claudia Romani, it's all about living the dream.

You well know I've already asked Claudia's killer tush to be my lawfully wedded wife. I'm pretty sure I now know what I'd like my future betrothed to wear around both cheeks on our wedding day. It's white and lacy and quite easily removed. Enjoy.