Claudia Romani Bikini Booty Hotness for When Red Means Go

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bill-swift - September 12, 2013

Oh, my belusted killer tush has returned to the beach in Miami, attached to the beautiful original Latin model Claudia Romani. This time in a brilliant red, that some may see as the color of a stop sign, but I'm getting nothing but signals to go forward with some of my more lurid, though obviously romantic, fantasies of wooing Claudia's booty.

At this point, I feel confident that Claudia's bottomside will say yes to my proposal. I haven't met the cheeky in-laws yet, you always need to meet the parents first to make sure you're not getting yourself into a lifetime's worth of really bad family events. But seeing as how Claudia's booty and I will be spending at least three years floating aimlessly on a raft in the South Pacific repeatedly violating each other in deviant manners, I'm guessing we can probably clear our iPhone calendars of most upcoming event.

Claudia, you are driving me quite insane. Enjoy.