Claudia Galanti Bikini Pictures Will Just Get Hotter and Hotter Until Your Nuts Catch Fire (It Could Happen!)

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bill-swift - December 11, 2012

Okay, so maybe body parts don't spontaneously combust upon sight of some wicked hot and tan Paraguayan MILFtastic bikini bodies, but if this is just the first week of Claudia Galanti showing off her sextastic mommy body in Miami, we're going to need a bigger ice pack.

Miami has really become the place to be in the winter months in the Northern climates. The wicked hot Sudamericanas come, along with the ridiculously hot Euro-models, the Russians, and even some of our finer Yankee girls. From December through March it's become the epicenter of celebrity bikini goodness. I'm sure last year I said I'd be there this year, but, silly probationary laws being what they are in the State of California, maybe one more year. Enjoy.