Claudia Galanti

Claudia Galanti Bikini Asstastic Is On the Prowl for Nookie on Miami Beach

Is there anything more seductive than a superfine Paraguayan model mom crawling her way toward you you with her majestically taut barely covered booty up in the air like a bloodhound signaling a successful scent acquisition? Um, no, I don’t think so, and I’m sure it was greatly appreciated by the dude that Claudia Galanti crawled up on on the lounge chair in Miami, a dude we’ll refer to only as ‘one stupid lucky bastard’.

Now, personally, I’m not giving up hope on the sextastic likes of Claudia Galanti feline-like on all fours coming up to make some nookie with me on the beach. Albeit, the last time I passed out at the beach, I awoke to find a liquored-up homeless dude doing the same going for my wallet, so, I’ve got a long way to go. Still, where there is asstastic, there is always hope. Enjoy.

Claudia Galanti Topless Bikini Suntanning Pictures For a Perfect Part Two to Her Miami Beach Day

Claudia Galanti Topless on Miami Beach
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Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better and we were enjoying a nice nip slip from Claudia Galanti this morning, the Paraguayan hottie model goes and take off her top completely for a little almost-all over tan and we get mas mas mas wonderful views of Claudia’s bare boobtastic and we are beyond happy.

This Claudia has a MILFtastic body that just needs to be worshipped and adored, if not suntan lotioned and then defiled in a publicly memorable manner. Enjoy.

Claudia Galanti Bikini Pictures Take Us to Asstastic Heaven

If the end truly is coming on 12/21/12, then I think I’d like to go out of this world betwixt the firm bikini cheeks of Claudia Galanti, the Paraguayan MILF model who calls Miami Beach her winter vacation home, and who puts on such a display of oceanside body hotness, that even the senior citizen male denizen of the area find themselves feeling ‘with vigor’ again. Such is the power of the asstastic.

In her latest round of two-piece flashing of her sweet tanned pieces, Claudia brought out the green thong to remind every ogling gentleman in the area that but a thin inch of material lay between their optical nerves and a glimpse into Latina heaven. It’s a tease, but the kind of tease we can appreciate, as soon as we regain consciousness. Enjoy.

Battle of the Claudias: Claudia Romani vs. Claudia Galanti in Miami Beach Bikini Showdown

Miami is simply totally out of bikini control at this moment. Hot celebrity skin is everywhere. It’s like the horseshoe crabs rising to the beach in Delmarva, only far less death and stank.

Case in point, not one, but two ridiculously hot Claudias in bikinis on the beach. Our highly belusted Italian beauty, Claudia Romani, featuring a body truly deserving of some kind of Pantheonic statue…

and Paraguayan sextastic beach mama, Claudia Galanti, flashing yet another tiny bikin on her ultra-fine form.

You know you’re living in a time of abundance when you have two amazingly good looking celebs named Claudia on the same beach at the same time. Our horns of plenty are about to blow. Enjoy.

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Claudia Galanti Shows Off Her Assets in a Bikini in Miami

Claudia Galanti Bikini Pictures Will Just Get Hotter and Hotter Until Your Nuts Catch Fire (It Could Happen!)

Okay, so maybe body parts don’t spontaneously combust upon sight of some wicked hot and tan Paraguayan MILFtastic bikini bodies, but if this is just the first week of Claudia Galanti showing off her sextastic mommy body in Miami, we’re going to need a bigger ice pack.

Miami has really become the place to be in the winter months in the Northern climates. The wicked hot Sudamericanas come, along with the ridiculously hot Euro-models, the Russians, and even some of our finer Yankee girls. From December through March it’s become the epicenter of celebrity bikini goodness. I’m sure last year I said I’d be there this year, but, silly probationary laws being what they are in the State of California, maybe one more year. Enjoy.

Claudia Galanti Bikini Pictures Mean the Asstastic Thong Girls Are Coming Back to Town!

Last winter time, we were treated to a bevy of long-lingering bikini beauties from foreign lands invading Miami Beach with their captivating bodies and their passion inducing bums, not the least of whom was Paraguayan model hottie Claudia Galanti, who loves sunshine, beach play, and thong bikinis, much to our happy happy eyes.

Now, like the swallows returning to Capistrano, or my Uncle Seamus coming round for holiday money to buy presents for the kids he pretends to have, the butt-amazing Claudia Galanti is back in turquoise and flashing that super fine tanned body of hers that droves us nuts all last winter. And, we are ready for Claudia, with dirty thoughts and open eyes, ready for another winter of bikini fun time!

The girls are back in town! Enjoy.