Cindy Crawford Bikini Candids Are A Hot Green Blur

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bill-swift - April 3, 2013

I may not have gone to college like some of you, or high school, or one year of middle school, but I do know an Impressionist hottie painting when I see one, and that I see from blurred telescopic lens aimed from quite a distance at Cindy Crawford strutting her veteran bikini goodness down Cabo way.

Now I'm not sure if Cindy's husband was using some type of visual jamming device, or if the currents from the latest El Nino (there's always an El Nino somewhere) threw off the space time continuum, but you know what, a view of the faptastically still delicious Cindy Crawford in a bikini?  Even with squiggly old school cable porn PPV lines -- still hot. Enjoy.